Indian Land High School Cleanliness

Photo Credit: Nicole Cantrel

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Destiny Morris, Author
October 19, 2012
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Trash found across the school

On October 12, 2012, Nicole Cantrell, a fourteen-year-old Indian Land High School student, was interviewed about her views of the cleanliness of our school.

Nicole was asked if she takes advantage of the trash cans and recycling bins around the school.  She commented “Yes, because I am not going to leave my trash just laying around, that is disrespectful.” She was also questioned about whether she has ever littered.  She replied, “No.”  Next Nicole was asked if she felt that Indian Land High School was a clean environment. “Yes, because the janitors do a good job cleaning the school and the students try their best to keep the school clean,” she said.   She was asked if she had ever seen anyone drop their trash in the school and not pick it up?  She answered, “Yes, all the time and the students think it’s funny and cool.”  Lastly, Nicole was asked what she thought could be done to make this school a cleaner environment.  She responded, “I think it’s clean enough, and doesn’t need anything different being done to it besides what’s being done now.”

We also  interviewed Susan Collins, a member of the cafeteria staff for five years, and asked her view of the cleanliness of the school.  Susan’s first question was how clean she thought Indian Land High School was.  “It is pretty clean because people go around and make sure everything is picked up.  They have pride in the way it looks,” she explained.  According to Susan a normal work day for her is to plan the meals, prepare the food, make sandwiches, and then clean up at the end of the day.  She was asked how often she has seen kids throw trash on the floor?  She responded “I don’t really see that because I’m in the back.  I clean after all lunches are finished.  I know it probably happens; sometimes in the afternoon I see plates on the tables but I know janitors clean that up.”  “I don’t think the students do recycling as much as they should,” she said when she was asked about the students taking advantage of the trash cans and recycling bins.




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