Left Behind: Movie Review

Mary St. John, Writer

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Many movie theaters across the United States  released Left Behind on Oct 3rd. Left Behind is part of a series about the rapture according to Christianity. Many Christians across areas of the world believe that the rapture is actually going to happen. Accordingly, the rapture is when God will come down to earth and take all the believers back to Heaven with him. Those who are not good Christians will be left behind on earth.

Left Behind was directed by Vic Armstrong and produced by Entertainment One. The movie revolves around a family. The mother and son in the family are believers in Christ, while the father and daughter are not true Christians. The rapture suddenly happens, and the mother and son are taken by God. The father and the daughter are left behind on the post-apocalyptic earth. Do they change their ways or do they continue their lives of sin?

The purpose of the movie is to show how, even though some people may pretend to love Jesus, very few Christians are true believers who will be rewarded in the afterlife. It also shows that the rapture is real and is going to happen, and it is something that people need to take seriously.




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Left Behind: Movie Review