4-Day School Week

Lindsay Anderson

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Approximately 100 school districts in the country have shortened their school weeks, going from 5 days to 4 days, according to the US Scantron. In Garfield Colorado school district, students do not attend school on Fridays, while teachers and staff are still required to work. The teachers use those extra days to work on lesson plans, hold meetings, and grade papers.

Was this a good change? According to the Superintendent of Garfield Colorado, “student achievement is improving” and the reading and writing test scores increased by about 6% within the first year. I spoke with Hannah Cook, a sophomore at Indian Land, to hear her thoughts on this change. “I think it would be great. Teachers will not fall behind on their grading and students will be more energized because they had a chance to catch up on sleep.”

In 2013, Garfield schools saved a total of $480,000 by having schools closed on Fridays, according to US News. This money can be used in numerous ways. I spoke with Shawnte’ Dillard, a junior at Indian Land High School and asked for her opinions. “The money could be used towards expanding the school. We are already experiencing overcrowding issues so that could really be helpful.”

Some problems may occur with this change. Students would have one less day each week to learn new material. Dillard says we could solve this problem by “making the school days longer and adding more hours. This would also solve the problem of a longer school year.” By going to school for longer hours, no extra days would have to be added to the year. Students would still attend school for the same amount of time as they would with a 5-day week.


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4-Day School Week