Ben Carson- The Folly of Man

Kevin Broome

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The 2016 presidential race is upon us and many candidates are currently running for their party’s presidential nomination. The leader in polls on the Republican side is Dr. Ben Carson. Carson is a former neurosurgeon, a graduate of Yale University, and one of the worse choices for president I have seen yet. In previous campaigning efforts, Carson has been advocating against gay rights, abortion, and fair taxes. He claims that being gay is a choice, but same-sex marriage is the law. Carson also claims that homosexuals should have rights, but should not be allowed to marry. Is marriage not authorized as a right? Carson is also an advocate for pro-life beliefs; he deems women should not have the choice as to what to do with their own bodies. He opposes abortion in virtually all cases, including those of incest and rape. He is also trying to overturn the decision of Roe V. Wade, made in 1973, which made abortions legal. In August 2015 he claimed, “The number one cause of death for black people is abortion.” He also incorporates religion into his political views, which would be acceptable if separation of church and state did not stand today. He believes that “God’s a pretty fair guy so tithing is better than fair tax.”  I do not know what fanatics of Carson see in him, but I think Carson should stick to being retired.

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Ben Carson- The Folly of Man