Black Thursday Shopping?

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Black Friday has been considered the start of holiday shopping since as early as the 1930s. It is always held on the Friday after Thanksgiving and almost all stores lower their prices to anywhere from 10% to 70% off!

In past years, the sales were only held on the Friday, but recently, stores like Walmart and Sears have started their sales on the Thursday before, cutting into the Thanksgiving holiday. When asked about his thoughts on starting sales on Thanksgiving, Chukwuzam Idehen stated it was a “bad idea because people need to be home with their families, not spending time shopping.”

Nordstrom, GameStop, Costco and several other places are closing their doors on Black Thursday and Friday, not having any sales at all. Kaitlyn Clingenpeel says this could be a good idea because “families have more time to spend together and workers can spend the holidays at home.”

Shoppers crowd into Aeropostale for sales of 50-70% off.

Shoppers crowd into Aeropostale for sales

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Black Thursday Shopping?