Unused Textbooks

Carl Santiago

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Textbooks nowadays are known as the basic tools for learning, but some teachers ask for students to have textbooks and never require the students to use them in class. There is a positive take on teachers not using their textbooks, as it saves space in backpacks and puts less weight on the students’ backs, but sometimes textbooks just sit in students’ lockers collecting dust for the whole semester.

Even though fewer and fewer teachers use their textbooks, it could actually benefit the students. It would be more work for the teachers because the PowerPoint presentations would have to be made following the exact guidelines of the books rather than allowing teachers to come up with fresh material. PowerPoint presentations are common in classes nowadays, so students are getting used to them.

A chemistry teacher named Beverly Schroth is one of the few teachers who don’t use their textbooks at all. She was asked if she ever used the textbook in the past years of teaching. She responded, “Whatever I give to the students, I personally feel, is a better substitute for information.” 

It is a good thing and a bad thing that some teachers do not let their students use their textbooks sometimes, if at all. Textbooks are good to use at times of study but can cause some problems, not all the time it is helpful.

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Unused Textbooks