Sex Education in School

Alexander Miller

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Sexual Reproduction is the joining of the two gametes. The male sperm is provided by the testicles. The egg is provided by the female ovaries. When the two meet they make an embryo that later turns into a baby. There has been a long time debate on whether this type of information should be taught in schools or should this information be shared with children and teens by their parents. Sexual reproduction can be a good thing when shared between two adults, but can be an issue when shared between young adults who are not ready for what the consequences of unprotected sex.

In order for the human species to continue on, sexual reproduction must take place. Men and women must create. Ideally in society we want sexual reproduction to take place between two consenting adults. People who create children should be able to provide for them financially, physically and emotionally. This is usually when children are born to adults. The debate on whether children in schools should be taught this information because many believe that giving them this information will make them curious and want to try sex before they are ready and reproduce before they are ready.

Sexual reproduction being taught in school has also been known to educate teens and young adults on what to do in order to prevent from reproducing. Apart of learning about sexual reproduction is learning how to not do it with things such as contraceptives. Many feel the more children are educated on the matter the less likely they are to reproduce before their time. They will have the knowledge of what sexual reproduction is all about and true facts. Many teens go to one another and not learn facts but guesses on what reproduction is about.

On the other hand sexual reproduction being taught in school too early can confuse teens. You will get the facts of the sperm meeting the egg and the nine months that a woman must carry a child before giving birth, but some may not be mentally ready to know this information. Many believe that each child progresses differently and that it should be left to the parent to decide when their child is fully ready and capable of understanding what sexual reproduction is and what it truly entails.

Sexual reproduction can be taught in school and the facts given to teens on how the organs of the body work to reproduce. The woman parts, such as vagina, ovaries or fallopian tubes can be discussed in great detail to show how they function during the process. The males parts such as, the penis, sperm and testicles can be in a textbook to show what their role is in sexual reproduction is. Parents may step in to get into the emotion part and relationships. Sexual reproduction is more or less biology. It can be a textbook case. Parents can explain to children when they feel they should be reproducing and the issue at hand of reproducing too early and the consequences.




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Sex Education in School