The Cause of High School Dropouts

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Parents need to take responsibility for high school dropouts. Students dropping out of high school is becoming more and more common. Lack of parental support is one of the main causes of teen dropouts. According to [email protected], “Twenty-three percent of high school dropouts  surveyed cited lack of support and encouragement from their parents as the reason they quit school.” There are many causes that make teens drop out of high school due to bad parental support.

One major factor that can increase the high school dropout percentage is lack of daily parental involvement. It is very easy for a student to become overwhelmed and stressed out without parental support. A student’s stress level spikes when they do not understand the material they are learning or the material does not keep them engaged. When a student sees that their parent is interested in their educational development, they are more likely to ask for help when they become overwhelmed. Having this positive reinforcement helps to keep the student engaged and reduces the risk of dropping out of school.

Another factor that increases the high school dropout percentage is the use of illegal drugs.  The use of illegal drugs changes the students focus from school to the need to continual drug use. Drug use impairs a student’s judgment and can cause the student to feel badly in classes. The student then falls behind in school and is unable to catch up. Ultimately this leads to the student’s frustration, they stop caring, and drop out of school.  If a parent was involved daily in their child’s educational development, they could notice the early signs of potential drug use. The parent could help their child understand the horrible effects of drug use.

Teen pregnancy is also a major reason why teens drop out of school.  A recent poll showed that “Twenty-One percent of students dropped out after having a child of their own” per [email protected].  Again, a lack of parental involvement and family support can lead to early teenage pregnancies. Parental guidance drastically minimizes the risk of teenage pregnancy which ultimately reduces the high school dropout percentage.

Another disturbing statistic reported by the [email protected]  is that “Only 17 percent of dropouts held full-time jobs, and 46 percent of those employed either full time or part time said they had little to no opportunity to advance in their current positions. Students without a high school diploma also earn about 30 percent less than their peers who stayed in school.”  These statistics highlight the importance of obtaining a high school diploma. Dropping out of school drastically reduces the student’s ability to obtain future success when they have transitioned to the workforce.

In conclusion, having a parent involved and engaged in their student’s academic career helps to increase the likelihood that the student will graduate instead of dropping out.

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