Inside of Indian Land’s Growing Music Scene

From the school marching band to local groups and artists

Ryland Hu, Staff Writer

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With Indian Land’s growing population and development,  the local music scene is exploding with new artists.

Indian Land, SC is a growing community bustling with young talent and untapped potential. As far as the music scene is concerned, it has taken a sideline in this burst of growth. Indian Land artists are not to be overlooked, however. Notable artists to come from Indian Land include WOAH, PB Rah, LordMarkk, and Vertigo. 

With music being everywhere in today’s society, it’s no surprise that so many aspiring artists reside here. The success of these artists vary, WOAH has a steady 1000 listeners a month on Spotify and are preparing for a concert in App State this weekend, while lesser-known artists like Vertigo have produced limited material but still manage to garner steady listen across mediums such as Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify. 

A former member of the band Vertigo says, “ It’s really not that hard to get into any music scene, all you need to do is make a song what’s hard is getting known and getting a following”, when followed up with the question “What did you do to spread the word of your band?” He stated, “Nowadays with social media, all you have to do is shout out your band on Instagram and Snapchat and have a page for your band and post updates, show dates, new releases and more.”

With social media running our lives now it’s easy to spread the word even in small towns like Indian Land, and with notable artists like DaBaby hailing from Charlotte the Charlotte area’s music scene is being scouted out by talent agencies and music labels every day.

DaBaby sporting his allegiance to the Hornets. Photo credit: Google

Artist DaBaby is one of the most recognizable faces out of the Charlotte area. With his album Baby on Baby certified gold and the standout single from that album Suge reaching double platinum it’s no secret why there’s been a surge in Charlotte pride and its music scene. With this surge in pride, motivation for local artists is at an all-time high, when speaking with members from Vertigo one said, “ Even though the music we make is a completely different genre all the success with artists in this area it has given us and many other artists hope that success is possible even in less known areas”.

With all the buzz around Charlotte’s music scene, hopeful, up and coming artists hope to separate themselves from the rest and stand out to make it big. With many Indian Land artists getting regular gigs and support from locals, Indian Lands music scene foreseeable future shines bright and is on course to continue in growth and recognition.    

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