Flooding in Indian Land

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In the past two weeks, South Carolina has been hit with storms and rain. Over seven inches of rain have risen and flood warnings have been issued for Lancaster County until 11 A.M. When driving into Lancaster, SC, you could look into the fields and visually tell that they were flooded. So far, many homes have already been damaged or lost entirely. In some areas, the flooding had gotten so bad that it prevented driving or walking down the roads altogether and boats had to be sent to help rescue people. According to the National Weather Service, Saturday morning most of York, Chester and Lancaster counties had received 1 to 1.5 inches of rain over the previous 12 hours. The National Weather Service warns that the wind will get up to 40 mph at its peak. The soil has gotten so soft that many of the trees have begun to fall down, causing damage to many homes, roads, and cars. Many of the homes are being repaired and rebuilt currently, but some families are still with out homes, power, water, and have been in shelter. People are beginning to work hard to clean up the damages done from the flooding. The task of fixing all the destruction will take some time, but eventually the damaged caused by the storms should be fully repaired.

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Flooding in Indian Land