School Lunch Seating

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Is it better to stand or sit and eat lunch at school? According to Live Strong it takes about 20 minutes to eat when sitting down because you eat slower. When sitting down your body takes time to digest the food you eat. At Indian Land High School they have both lunch tables and table stools in the cafeteria . At the lunch tables you can sit down and eat but at the table stools you have to stand and eat. According to David Dudley, a teacher at Indian Land High School, Indian Land has had their tables since the school opened in 2007. The question is, can we get new tables? Can we get stools for the stool tables?

After asking some of the students at Indian Land High School, most say they eat better when sitting down than they do standing up. Many students complain that most of the tables are broken, they wobble too much, or the tables are crowded when it is time for lunch. Most students do not like that there are not enough spaces to sit and eat, so many of the kids don’t eat.  People say that students should only have sitting tables because standing and eating is bad for students. Many parents of the students believe that there should be stools for the stool tables. They also think that they should add new tables so kids can have somewhere they can sit down and eat instead of having to go to a classroom and eat. Many kids began to bring their own lunch so that they don’t have to worry about getting a table to sit at during lunch.

The tables at lunch are small and too overcrowded, and many kids are asking that we get more tables for the school cafeteria.

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School Lunch Seating