Progress of the New Indian Land High School

Gabriella WIlson, Author

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 Lancaster County School District has already started the process of building the new Indian Land High School, the site located about 5 miles south of the current Indian Land High School. The site of the new high school is right off Highway 521. All the trees have been clear-cut and the underbrush has been removed. The construction site is full of giant bulldozers and excavators. These machines are feverishly moving dirt. Soon the ground will be leveled and in the near future, the foundation for the new high school will be poured.
  The new Indian Land High School will be the future campus for 9-12 graders. The new high school building will be 140,000 square feet and will accommodate 1,600 students at its maximum capacity. The entire campus site is over 275,000 square feet. The site is going to have ample parking for students, staff, and visitors. There also will be a designated area for bus storage. The site amenities will also include athletic fields for PE, soccer with track/events, football stadium, baseball/ softball, and tennis. It will even include practice fields that will be used by the athletic department and band. One of the biggest features of the new high school will be a reduction in traffic since the new high school is strategically located a few miles south of the current Indian Land Elementary and Middle School. The Indian Land community should be looking forward to the final product of the new Indian Land High School.


Rendering of completed project-

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