The Sandy Hook Promise

Collin Voltz, Author

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          On Friday, September 28th during Flex time the school showed a video and talked about the “Sandy Hook Promise.” This Promise was to try and make everyone feel included, safe and welcomed by others. So to find out more about this promise Mrs. Foster, who is one of the main people involved with this program, was asked a series of question.

            She was first asked what is the issue the sandy hook promise is addressing and to that she answered: “to increase student awareness about the Sandy Hook shooting and to make sure something like that doesn’t happen again.”I then asked her if she knew who had started the program, which she told me “family members of the victims and teacher that worked there.” And that more information is available at

             She was also asked how and why she got involved and she responded: “So I can do my part in making sure schools are a welcoming environment so that all students can feel included.” And to wrap these questions up she was asked if she thought the program and the event itself were successful. Her response to that was, “Yes, both students and teachers alike have said positive things about it. And I hope we can continue to do this or at least something of this nature in the futur .”

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