Lancaster City Council Restores New Budget

New Lancaster budget includes about 6 thousand dollars.

Ally Jones, Writer

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Lancaster City Council has now approved its reading for the new budget on Tuesday, October 1, 2019. The budget is totaled to $5,950. The money is going to parade floats, event sponsorships, council clothing and meeting meals. About $2,400 of the money is being set aside for the Veterans Day parade floats, etc., along with event sponsorships, like the Promise Neighborhood Volunteer Breakfast and the annual NAACP meetings. 

The rest of the $3,550 is going to the council clothing and meeting meals. It is being split up between the two, leaving $1,050 for the clothing and $2,500 for the meeting meals and some supplies. The clothing money is a little more than doubled from last year’s budget. While the budget for meals was a little over quadrupled from the previous year. 

Administrator Flip Hutfles, the council had set aside money for meeting meals in previous budgets. Over time the money decreased to just enough for snacks. The money for clothing costs is for items with the city of Lancaster logo on it, for the council members.  The head of the Finance Committee, Tamara Green Garris, said she didn’t see a reason not to include money for meals and clothing, as long as the council could keep its budget. She also said that funds for meals were included in the budget for when the council meets in executive session but is optional. The mayor, Alston DeVenny said he thought that funding the meals before the executive session was reasonable. 

“It’s been in the budget for years.”

As for the clothing funds, one of the council members, Linda Blackmon, mentioned that having council clothing is a good marketing opportunity. Linda Blackmon said, “I think you really sell your city when you wear those clothing items.”

The reading for the budgets was approved at Tuesday’s meeting, unanimously, with the council members Kenneth Hood and Hazel Taylor.

Hazel Taylor said she is totally against amending the budget due to the fact of what she considers, the city’s tight financial situation. “The whole budget thing puts a bad taste in my mouth, and some people don’t realize that,” she mentioned. 

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