Prisoners in Ohio Jailbreak Captured in North Carolina

The four inmates that made their escape on Sept. 29, were captured on Monday, Sept. 30

Nicholas Dymek and Nolan Reid

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On Sunday, Sept. 29, four inmates, Lawrence R. Lee III, Troy R. McDaniel Jr.,  Christopher M. Clemente, and Brynn K. Martin (respectively in the image), overpowered two female guards using a shank to escape from a jail in Gallia, Ohio. The inmates stole the keys from one of the corrections officers and gained access to the administrative wing of the jail where they stole a car. The corrections officers on duty at the time of the escape were not severely injured. 

It is believed that the inmates had help by at least one person on the outside. They drove the car to a second vehicle; one block away from the jail, which was later found by authorities in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Martin, Clemente, and McDaniel Jr. were captured at Red Roof Inn, 380 miles east of Gallia, in Cary, N.C. at 2 a.m. When the three were being arrested, Lee escaped from the building and was later caught in the woods of southeastern Durham by local police and U.S. Marshals. When searching for the escapees, the U.S. Marshals offered up to $2500 per inmate for information. 

When arriving on the scene of the Red Roof Inn, the three were captured without incident. Sheriff Champlin said, “Investigators were able to develop information which has led to the successful apprehension of three of the four males who escaped custody.”

Martin faced multiple felonies, Clemente was serving under drug trafficking, McDaniel failed to appear before the court regarding his crime of “non-support of dependents” and Lee was charged with two misdemeanors and a felony.

Martin had escaped from jail before and was charged with an escape after he and another inmate bolted from a transport vehicle that was transporting them to Gallia jail earlier this September. They were both caught the next day.

“The facility isn’t equipped to deal with the volume and type of inmates it houses; improvements are needed.”

According to Champlin, the jail had experienced other escapes recently via transport trucks. Champlin added, “The facility isn’t equipped to deal with the volume and type of inmates it houses; improvements are needed.” 

Regarding the capture of the last criminal, Champlin said,  “I am pleased to report that just a short while ago the fourth and final escapee, Lawrence R. Lee III was taken into custody by law enforcement officials in Durham, N.C.” Champlin added, “I would like to thank the hard-working law enforcement professionals who have tirelessly dedicated themselves to providing an end to the search for these escapees.” 

Cells in the jail don’t lock any more as they were opened permanently to make more space to house new inmates in the 1980s and 1990s. The jail has nine corrections officers – four females, five males – that work full-time. Additionally, there are only 22 beds in the jail for inmates.

On Saturday night, the night when the inmates planned their escape, no male corrections officers were working. The two male officers that were scheduled to work called in sick and three other corrections officers were already out injured. 

The Cary Police Department credited the North Carolina Highway Patrol, the Wake County Sheriff’s Office, and Raleigh police with the arrest of Lee III.

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