A Fun Festival For All

This Local festival was attended by many South and North Carolina residents and was fun for all ages. The event had various foods, businesses, and bands that appealed to just about everyone.

Lauren Ferguson, Staff Writer

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The Indian Land Fall Festival was held on October 5th and 6th right here on the Indian Land High School football and practice field. The event had many attractions such as bands, various food vendors,  and lots of bouncy houses. The festival also had a petting zoo with calves, chicks, pigs and other farm animals. They had a train that both children and adults were riding. They had a fire truck ride going where families would get to climb to the top of the fire truck and ride around the entire school. Though it was chilly, cloudy, and bit rainy at times it was still an enjoyable event. They ended off the first night of the festival with a beautiful firework show.

There were many different booths such as multiple political-themed booths and even a booth where butterflies could be fed, once you got to the booth the two people running it would hand you a Q tip with butterfly food and you could go up to the butterfly and they would crawl right on. Like I previously said they had many political booths for candidates such as Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and many others. I visited all of these booths and each of them gave plenty of information on who they are what they were promoting. Though there were fewer attractions at this years fall festival compared to previous years but the directors still managed to provide everyone with a good time. 

The festival was fun and was enjoyed by all age groups. I asked Indian Land High School freshman Kaitlyn McSweeney what she thought of the festival, and she responded with:                                                                                    

“I thought the festival was planned out well and I had a lot of fun   exploring everyone’s businesses, I also thought everyone was very kind and not trying to push anything on you, which made me feel very comfortable about the things that I agree and disagree with.” 

Just from that one quote, you can tell that there was so much thought put into not only this event but every vendor there. The fact that everyone involved with the festival wanted the people attending the festival to have a good time made it run so much smoother. The festival really could not have gone any better and it’s a festival plenty of other residents and I will attend next year and the many other years to come. 

This is the entrance sign for the Indian Land Fall Festival. The photo was taken on October 5, by Lauren Ferguson.

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