Opioid Crisis Settlement Continues to Develop

The Sacklers won’t be let off easy.

Andrew Teel, Staff Writer

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The opioid epidemic is a national tragedy that has been occurring for years, and justice is finally beginning to be served.

Opioids have been a talking point in our country for a while now. Although, for good reason, as 130 people a day pass away from opioid overdose, according to NIH. 

Types of opioids include heroin, codeine, morphine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, fentanyl, etc. Some of these are prescription drugs, while some are street drugs. The main offenders are prescription pills such as hydrocodone, which are produced by large pharmaceutical companies. 

One of the main producers of these prescription pain pills goes by Purdue Pharma. Purdue Pharma is owned by the Sackler family. The Sacklers are partly responsible for the opioid crisis as a whole by falsely marketing opioids as a healthy and effective way to manage pain. As a result, there has been an ongoing civil lawsuit towards Purdue Pharma and other opioid manufacturers costing them billions in reparation payments. 

Purdue Pharma has since filed for bankruptcy after settling with more than 2600 plaintiffs for deceptive marketing, according to The Washington Post.  Supposedly, they are filing for bankruptcy so they can avoid being accountable for their actions. The Sacklers single-handedly took over $12 billion in funds from Purdue, and they have only contributed $3 billion in settlements.  That number will fluctuate based on the sale of one of their branches Mundipharma. 

There are multiple sides when it comes to the fate of Purdue and the Sackler family. States such as Massachusetts and Connecticut Believe the current settlement is insufficient and the Sacklers should present in court once again.  So far, 8 individual family members have been sued. The bankruptcy claim from Purdue states that the company wishes to shield itself from all further lawsuits, along with the Sacklers themselves filing for the same policy. The Sacklers have since fled New York and are now in Florida, due to the backlash, and they’re still trying to mislead the public about the OxyContin situation. 

Recently, companies like Purdue along with others have been trying to manufacture and mass-produce a drug/treatment for the opioid epidemic that they’ve caused. This has turned out to outrage people more than anything, due to the simple fact that the same people who’ve caused this tragedy are trying to further profit from it. 

The opioid crisis has been and will be a serious topic for the foreseeable future. It has caused many deaths in the U.S. and has not gone unnoticed. The citizens of our country are going to make sure the people responsible will be held accountable. 

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