Number of Traffic Fatalities Doubles in Lancaster

What's the Cause?

Joshua McCall, Staff Writer

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The number of car crashes from last year in Lancaster are the same but the number of fatalities has doubled from last year. The way that the Lancaster highway patrol is responding is they are bringing more troopers from other parts of the state and trying to help make the roads safer. 

What is the cause? Many people think that the main causes of crashes and fatal crashes are texting while driving, others think that its just people being “dumb” or making bad decisions. The lawmakers are working to make new laws and restrictions to help stop this more and more each year. Many people just simply do not follow the restrictions and the laws and others just make mistakes on the road. So what can you do to stop this? Do not look at your phone while driving, make sure you have good sleep, and make good decisions on the road don’t drive drunk. That is another big reason for these fatalities. Many professionals are working to make it a law that you can not be on your phone while driving, It’s not official anywhere yet, but it is in the works.

Another big thing that needs to happen is people need to educate their kids on these things. Many of the crashes involve a teenage in at least one of the cars involved. So educate your kids there are many classes your kids can take to make sure they are ready to drive. The main point is the rising numbers of fatalities need to stop many people and officers will make sure it will happen. For now, we look at what we can do to make sure it gets better and better each day and finding new ways to stop this.

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