Thailen Cato-Dixon, Staff Writer

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Habit Burger is a new burger joint that has just been built in the new Promenade at Carolina Reserve shopping center in Indian Land South Carolina. The first-ever Habit burger was built on November 15, 1960, in Santa Barbara, California.  

A picture of the Habit Burger building.

A student at the school Indian Land High School Rylan Hu says, “Habit Burger is amazing,” and he usually goes there after school. Habit Burger was just introduced to Indian Land. I asked Lauren Ferguson if there were a lot of people she says, “yes, there is a large amount of customers in the building.”

A resident of Indian Land Shawdae Travis said that she ordered a burger, but she didn’t eat because she didn’t like it, and that the fried green beans were not good to her. Habit Burger is a fast-food chain that is known for its burgers but also offers deli type sandwiches, salad, and fries.

A resident Josh McKiniry says, “the staff is courteous and efficient and the food was good.” 

I asked another resident of Indian Land Jessica George she says “the burger was really good and the onion rings hit the spot.” Ferguson says, “the line went by really quick through the drive-thru and the burger was really good.”  Collin Voltz says, “Habit Burger was really good and that they had expensive restaurant prices, but a fast-food atmosphere, but overall it was good.”

Overall Habit Burger has been having a really good business and has been pleasing people. Most of their locations are in California they have 200 in California plus other states and two other foreign countries. Habit burger in total has 246 locations plus, they also offer post mates, Door Dash, and other delivery apps for food.  

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