What Makes France the Most Traveled to Country?

France is known for its many historical sites and attractions.

Nicholas Dymek, Staff Writer

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Paris cityscape including Hôtel des Invalides and the Eiffel Tower. Taken by Lisa Alexander on May 31, 2019.

France is home to many attractions that lure tourists from around the world. While France’s population is only 60 million, over 90 million people visit France annually. Spain, the second most traveled to, attracts 83 million.

The Eiffel Tower, the tallest building in Paris, is its most well-known site. Construction on the iron tower started in 1887 and was completed in 1889. Travelers can take an elevator to the top to see all around the city. 

The Louvre Museum in Paris is the largest museum in the world. Established in 1793, it has over 35,000 pieces of art from prehistoric to modern-day. Famous art that is held here includes Virgin and Child with Saint Anne, the Mona Lisa, and the Venus de Milo.

Courtyard of the Palace of Versailles. Taken by Ann Franks on Nov. 1, 2019.

Built-in 1623, the Palace of Versailles is a must-see when visiting France. The royal building, located in Versailles, was the residence of King Louis XIV between 1661 and 1678. Over 700 rooms cover its area of 721,182 square feet.

High above the town of Carcassonne in southern France sits a medieval fort, La Cité. Built around the time of Christ, this huge fort is a sight to behold. Its high walls and watchtowers send visitors back in time, as they soak in the atmosphere of its many outdoor cafes.

The average cost for a round trip to Paris from the U.S. is $1,300. In many cases, you will have to catch a connecting flight at Dulles, O’Hare, or an international airport in another European country.

French cuisine is quite diverse and it can be hard to choose what to eat. Harry Neal, a Canadian tourist, said, “The food in Paris was fantastic, everything was so fresh you just need to go experience it yourself.” In addition to this, prices on clothing are expensive as it is of high quality.

I was pleasantly surprised by how warm and accommodating all the French were on my visit.

French people have developed a reputation for being rude or unwelcoming to foreigners. However, Joan Ingalls of Florida said, “I was pleasantly surprised by how warm and accommodating all the French were on my visit.” 

A trip to France leaves many memories with travelers. It is a destination well worth traveling to.

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