Finland is Number One in the Education System

With less homework and free education, Finland is #1 but is it helping students for the future?

Londyn Pepperdine, Staff Writer

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The PISA test gave Finland a score of 114 making them number 1 in education. Finland has held this position since 2018.

Finland is currently number one in education in the entire world. Finland has many benefits that other countries don’t. For example, residents school lunches, preschool, and college are all free. They have the highest number of passing students in primary and secondary school. Most students in Finland know at least 3 languages: English, Swedish, and Finnish. Students only have one mandatory test at the end of Highschool. Students also don’t start school until age 7. 

Some people think the way Finland runs its education system is very beneficial. “Waiting to start school until age 7 is important. In the United States we start at age 4 which is too early, children don’t get to experience childhood. When you’re entering elementary school you’re learning the building blocks of life and it’s hard to comprehend that at such a young age.” Lauren Ferguson said. 

Statistics show how finland gives children more opportunities.

Some argue Finland’s lack of tests and homework doesn’t prepare children for the real world and could hurt them. “More tests can make children more knowledgeable. Children might be less knowledgeable in the real world because Finland’s education system doesn’t prepare them properly“ Janil Patel said. This could also be true as the work amount students are getting isn’t reasonable for what they will have at a job.

Countries get a score for how well their education system is by a PISA test (Program for International Student Assessment). This is a test that 15-year-olds all around the world take every three years that measure their math, reading, and science skills. The test was last taken in 2018 and Finland got a score of 114 yet the United States only got a score of 47. “The country’s higher education system also sets an example, especially since Finland is one of the few nations left in the world where its own citizens receive higher education completely free,” an article by Culture Trip said. Other countries to strive to improve their education system just like Finland. 

Currently, Finland is number 1 in education. This graph showed an increase in Finland’s rank compares to the United States. Photo produced by Stephan Arowe.

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