Buses: Then and Now

A look at how the buses have changed since school started


Jonathan Beamer, Cub Reporter

The buses at ILHS They weren’t a reliable source of transportation initially but that has changed since the start of the semester.

At the start of the school year, buses were reaching their destinations far later than they should have according to published route expectations. This was partly because of the lack of bus drivers needed for each bus, plus the drivers from last semester needing to learn more routes for the newer students as well as the new drivers having to learn a large number of new routes. 

“They go to all your larger neighborhoods; three [buses] to Walnut Creek, two to Legacy Park, one that goes to Regent Park, and a couple that go to the Arlington area,” according to Dr. David Shamble, during an interview.

Since the hiring and successful training of 5 new bus drivers in the Indian Land area, now the buses are starting to arrive on time a, with the exception of bus eight which is being substituted by bus 17 for an unknown reason. 

“Yeah, when we started the semester, we were down, y’know Covid-19 in high rates, but then we started offering more money and we got more bus drivers I think from pretty much Labor Day on,” explained Dr. Shamble.

However, Covid-19 has definitely not helped as there have been filed cases where the drivers have received a positive Covid-19 test or came into close contact with a Covid-19 recipient. 

“Medical issues and Covid stuff has held ‘em back from a full fleet, but I think they’ve done a pretty good job,” stated Dr. Shamble.