Construction on Tennis Courts Finished

More Practices and Home Games Will Be Held


Cole Dombkowski, Cub Reporter

The Indian Land High School tennis courts are finished and the ladies team hosts their first game at the new courts on September 23rd.

The six new hardcourts at Indian Land were recently finished and the first ever home games were played at ILHS. Before this year, they had to travel to all of their games, even home games, as they had to play at Sun City or Walnut Creek’s tennis courts. 

There are many advantages to having courts at the school.

“It makes it accessible for a lot more people because they don’t have to drive to another location for practice everyday, because a lot of students don’t drive,” said Meg Morris, head coach of the Indian Land tennis team.

Their everyday practices will be more accessible to players and help them have more time to improve their game. They should be able to have better performances in games, because of this easier, more accessible and added practice time.

“Yeah, it will definitely help because now we can practice whenever we want rather than having a set date where we have to book courts,” said Abi Trammel, the captain of the team.

The new courts at the school are leading to more people being interested in trying out and playing for the team.

“I had like 30 girls interested at the beginning of this year when we only had 9 four years ago,” Morris said. 

The ladies tennis team faced South Pointe in the first match at the new courts, and they swept them, winning every singles and doubles matches.

The ladies tennis team looks forward to practicing and playing more winning games on their new courts.