Indian Land High School Hosting an Event to Celebrate Teenagers

It includes many fun and interactive activities


Keko Gomes, Cub Reporter

The Media Center Faculty are hosting interactive and educational programming for students this October in their new facility.

“Teentober” will be hosted in the library this whole month by Rebecca Brunson, one of the three media specialists.

There will be a Halloween bash on the last Friday of the month, October 29th to celebrate the students that were able to successfully earn their entry. Entry can be obtained through attendance at Makerspace events, Trivia Tuesdays, and winning the scavenger hunt, according to Brunson.

The Halloween Bash will include catered snacks, drinks, and even candies. It will be held during the 3 lunch periods, says Brunson.

For the first week of the month, the Makerspace event will be programming robots, followed by blackout poetry the next week. Along the next 2 weeks, there will be a board/video game tournament, which requires a sign-up which you can find in the media center.

The last week will include string art, which will be Halloween-themed. There will be other events spread throughout the month, including Trivia Tuesday’s, a scavenger hunt occurring throughout the entire month, which started this Monday, and a novel escape.

The novel escape will include reading scary/suspense stories during the Makerspace.

The media center hopes to plan future seasonally themed events.