Monarch Garden Takes Flight

Interact Club begins their project of building a butterfly garden on campus


Emma McAllister, Cub Reporter

The Indian Land High School Interact club is working on a new butterfly garden to be completed by spring 2022 to help migrating and endangered monarchs. 

Monarchs are becoming endangered species due to new construction, and the destroying of their natural habitat.

Interact club, which raises awareness about the environment, realized this problem from the Monarch Sister School program and is building a monarch butterfly garden that will be located at Indian Land High School. 

“We are building this to give these butterflies a stock”, The head of the Interact club, Mr. John Cutrone, said. 

Interact club did a Fun-raiser on September 30th which had food trucks and fun games. They are also selling special t-shirts that they sold at the homecoming game and during lunch. To help promote the garden, The art classes are making posters for the school and were part of the homecoming parade as well. 

“With this garden, it will keep butterflies on a safe migration pattern so this will help a lot”, Pierson Pitts said. 

Interact members will help build and paint the garden, sell shirts, and plant butterfly-attracting plants for the area.

The Butterfly Garden will be 8 by 10 ft of land and it will be located near the entrance to our school. Many teachers and members of the Rotary Club have thought and planned out the best location for the garden based on the school layout. 

Migrating Monarchs will come to and from parts of Mexico in their migrating season so, the Spanish department is working on communication and a pen pal for schools in Mexico where butterflies go after migration.