Pending Construction Causes Issues at Local High School

Students struggle with ongoing construction


Brooklyn Lamb, Cub Reporter

Indian Land High School construction delays have caused struggles for students during the 2021-2022 school year. 

The ILHS construction that began in early April of 2018, is still being continued to this day. There have been many delays due to COVID-19, weather, and lack of workers. The set-backs for this school have caused many construction issues which have primarily delayed athletic and fine arts venues.

The global pandemic has set back shipping for materials and the ability to find workers who are able to work during the pandemic.

“We planned on finishing the school in 2020- we had many major setbacks though, rocks, COVID-19, weather, and lack of workers changed the timeline,” states Jeremy S., the assistant project manager who is responsible for the construction of Indian Land High School.

Now that students are also in the building, workers cannot be there during the day and have limited time to work on the building. 

Natural causes, too, have affected the construction process of this local high school. Weather has caused delay to the process, making it hard to work on the school and continue to build it.

“The rocks caused a delta because we had to bring in extra equipment to remove them. We had bad rain for a few weeks, so we couldn’t work on the site.” states Jeremy S.

The auditorium as well as parts of the school inside are considered construction zones and are not safe for students. The school has unfinished baseball and soccer fields that will not be finished before their seasons begin. 

The tennis courts and football field opened while the students were attending school. There is still work being done on the school grounds while students attend the school. 

The students are also upset about the unfinished construction. Cole Dombkowski, a baseball player at Indian Land High School says that the baseball fields not being finished has made it harder to practice.

“We have to drive far away to practice, it’s an inconvenience, I wish the fields here were finished.” Dombkowski stated.