PTSO Plans ILHS First Semester

Group plans fundraisers and events for students

PTSO Plans ILHS First Semester

Aria Walker, Cub Reporter

The Indian Land High School PTSO (Parent Teacher Student Organization) raises money for classrooms, clubs, and school events throughout each school year.

The PTSO raises funding from many events. Menchie’s Frozen yogurt sells on campus with a portion of the sales going to the PTSO and from sponsors by sending letters requesting support. They send at least 2,000 letters each year.

“The biggest way we raise money is through memberships,”  PTSO Secretary Carolelynn Zmyslo says.

The PTSO has a few members who help spread the word about events or help with events. The PTSO also has a student representative, Zmyslos’s daughter, Kinsey and her friend Sophia Earl whom tell the PTSO what teens are into to help plan events.

The PTSO just started to work with the student government this year to help plan school events. They have many future events and fundraisers like; Halloween Grams, Trunk or Treat, and the ornament sale in December.

Since this is the PTSOs first year working with the student government they have decided to start an Indian Land Shack in the high school. This shack will sell Indian Land merchandise.

During the month of October, there will be 2 Halloween events; Halloween Gram and Trunk or Treat. The Halloween Gram went on sale on 10/02. The Trunk or Treat event is for students and for kids of all ages.

“A student can send a bag of candy to a friend or community members can buy a bag of candy, and we can deliver,” Zmyslo explained about Halloween Grams.

The PTSO has many teachers who help with events like Salwa Ghaly. Ghaly helps by telling teachers what is going to happen and works to incorporate teachers into the events.

“I communicate whatever the PTSO wants to tell the teachers,” Ghaly explains.

The PTSO meetings are for parents to be informed about what events will happen if they have trouble contacting the school. PTSO also helps plan school events like this year’s Homecoming parade.