Athletics Fields Nearing Completion

Football stadium first to be ready


Franklin Redd, Cub Reporter

The Indian Land High School athletic fields are primarily complete as of the start of September, with only the baseball, softball, and soccer fields still under construction.

The stadium was supposed to be finished on the opening of the school, August 16th, 2021, but it was held back to late September because of multiple setbacks having now opened while it has hosted 4 games.

“The stadium is primarily complete; however, we have outstanding work to be completed at the baseball, softball, and practice fields that have a 10/31 completion date,” said Vernon Hunter, the Athletics Director for Indian Land High School.

The original contractor for the school, Cleveland Construction, ran into multiple problems during the process of making the stadium. One of the problems was Covid-19 that set them back weeks due to schedule changes for workers causing the process to slow down and eventually leading to the delay of multiple construction areas like the baseball, softball fields, and tennis courts along with the stadium.

Tennis courts have been completed recently and baseball and softball fields are closing in on completion while the soccer fields are currently clearing land for the practice fields.

But the stadium is not only meant to hold football games, during soccer season soccer games will be hosted on the football field due to the soccer and practice fields not being constructed yet, making it able to host other sports as well.

The stadium is meant to hold over five thousand spectators. It’s also built along with concession stands for students to buy drinks and food to enjoy our home games.

“The stadium is built to last for many years to come,” said Hunter.