Homecoming and Spirit Week in a Pandemic

Indian Land High School are working past the COVID-19 obstacles for Homecoming 2021


Savannah Boroughs, Cub Reporter

Teachers at Indian Land High School are pushing past the obstacles of COVID-19 pandemic by bringing back Spirit Week and adding new events in an effort to start new traditions. 

At Indian Land High School, COVID-19 has impacted the school with no Spirit Week and no Homecoming for the past 2 years. Everything had been cancelled due to Covid-19. 

During the pandemic, students at Indian Land High School were trying to come up with different ways to still give students the “homecoming high school experience.” 

“They have had so much taken away from them. We just wanted to do something nice so they know we understand what they are going through and we want to help.”  WHO SAID IT? 

Students of every grade got to see the first Indian Land High School parade. Students made floats and showed off to the school.

The winners for King and Queen were Dumkele Idhen and Kendall Mallekoote. They were announced on the football field. 

“Whichever teacher was best dressed, they got a free ticket to a football game,” Wilkins said. 

Mr. Cutrone won the spirit week prize and attended the game.

“This is my first year witnessing Spirit Week at Indian Land and I am impressed,” said Gabriella Dionisio, English teacher at ILHS.