Student Government Utilizes Leadership Skills


Brianna Galarza, Cub Reporter

The Indian Land High School Student Government starts the new school year with new goals.  

Student government works to involve students considering what the last two years were with Covid-19. They also try to make sure everyone earns a high school experience including the homecoming parade, Spirit Week, Senior Sunrise and other spring events.  

“The best thing about this club is getting to know the students and being part of everyone’s experience,” said Gabriella Dionisio, ILHS English teacher on Friday. 

The leaders of the club try to make sure they get to know the students and help boost their self confidence, leadership skills, and communication skills  by including them in everything they do in the club.   

 “The outcome of this club is to become a pioneer in student involvement, like things around the school, promoting school spirit and being a leader,” Said Dionisio. 

The intentions of the leaders in the group is to encourage students to enjoy high school and make more friends. They try to find people that have the same interests like helping, sports and even the fine arts. 

Student government strives to incorporate leadership roles and excellent principles that will stick with you when you become an adult. They include  these skills within events, parades, and assemblies with the help of Jennifer Wilkins, Dionisio and Kristy Marler-Weiner, student government sponsors.