ILHS Building Construction Project In The Works

Students work to finish by semester’s end


Keko Gomes, Cub Reporter

Mark Bonda’s second block class is currently working on building a brand new tiny live-in camper at Indian Land High School.

They have been working on it for the past month and a half, and it is a new project that Bonda is starting in his building construction class. Bonda and his budding foremen are working on the project and are being funded by the CATE (Career and Technical Education) department.

To this point the project has cost $2,000 to make and “will probably be around 4,000 by the end,” according to Bonda.

Bonda hopes to sell the camper to the highest bidder, and the money will go towards the building construction fund.

He plans to continue doing projects like these in other classes, but “only if they sell,” says Bonda.

When thinking of a project like this to do, Bonda says, “A tiny house came to mind, but a camper included all the things a tiny house did such as welding, wiring, plumbing, but for cheaper.”

When the budget expands more he sees himself doing a tiny house in the future.