ILHS Pumpkin Carving Event

An engaging holiday experience for the students

Emma McAllister, Cub Reporter

Anthony Colagross, an English teacher, held a pumpkin carving event on October 28th. The pumpkins were judged in a contest and the winner(s) was able to attend the Indian Land High School’s library Halloween Bash!

Colagross got the idea about 10 years ago from a teacher intern and has been doing it every year, except for last year due to Covid precautions. 

“We do this to engage the students, have fun, and learn in different ways,” Colagross said. 

He does the pumpkin carving for the learning experiences that come with it. His students use technical writing skills to plan out how they will carve the pumpkins. It is a fun hands-on experience for the students as well. 

To make the experience even more fun, Colagross always has a surprise costume planned. This year he went full Halloween as Michael Myers.

Colagross purchases the pumpkins from Walmart and the carving supplies are gathered from the past years. The money to help fund this is donated from students and community members.

Moving forward Colagross wants to have more classes involved like agriculture, so they can grow pumpkins and involve art classes so they can create pumpkin designs as well as have the graphics department digitize and print the designs.