Teacher Cadets Change Lives of the Younger Generation

Activities and experienced-based projects guide new teachers


Brianna Galarza, Cub Reporter

Sheila Washington teaches her cadets at Indian Land High School how to change the stereotypical meaning behind a teacher during the 2021 school year.

Teacher Cadet courses are considered dual-enrollment and AP weighted credit where students that are interested in the teaching profession can begin to hone their skills.

Last week the cadets had the opportunity to go to an elementary school to observe and interact with grades kindergarten through fourth grade. 

“I want them to be exposed to all the facets of the teaching profession,” said Washington on Monday. 

The goal of the class is to look at education from a different perspective and possibly consider it as a career. 

“I want them to have a sense of accomplishment and a sense of pride in knowing that in some way, at some point and somehow they have positively impacted those children,” said Washington on Monday.

Washington included the cadets in activities such as self-reflecting projects like the Fill My Pot project where they had to write something nice about each other on picture cubes. After they learn about themselves, they start to learn about the teaching profession and make lesson plans, playground projects, and small books.

“ I strongly believe that the children we teach in our classroom today will become the future of tomorrow,” said junior cadet Jada Diaz.

Everyone I talked to expressed that teacher makes a huge difference in students lives and this class help better prepare their students for that change. 

“ Teacher Cadet was proven to be one of the most enjoyable classes to take if students wanted to be a teacher and change the stereotype of teachers and prove to other students that not all teachers are mean, there are some who care about them. They can impact the lives of the students and help them enjoy school and enjoy learning,” said Diaz.