Ukrainian Crisis Rages on


Avery Hu, Cub Reporter

Mariupol steel plant lies in the port city of Odesa, Ukraine. Russia is currently launching missiles at Odesa actively even though around 100 innocent civilians are still trapped inside the plant.

Some sources say troops are stationed on both sides of Mariupol, actively evacuating the citizens, claiming all have been evacuated; however, “At least 100 civilians still remain inside,” says Petro Andryushchenko, Mariupol crisis aide. These strikes are coming as a form of celebration from Russian president Vladimir Putin’s patriotic holiday but also as a way to stunt supplies donations as Odesa is Ukraine’s number one supply port. 

In hopes of strengthening Ukraine and their Eastern European allies, United States President Joe Biden is working on signing off on a 150 million dollar pledge donation containing some supplies and some military assistance to Ukraine. The pledge is going towards donating 25,000, 155 millimeter artillery rounds, counter artillery radars, jamming equipment, field equipment, and spare parts for their heavy war-craft machinery. 

“We are showing such strong support for Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ efforts in trying to find a peaceful solution to this 10-week dispute,” says the UN Security Council as they have  pushed out their first opinion on the Ukraine conflict since February 24, Russia’s first step towards war. 

“I obviously stand with Ukraine because I don’t fully entirely know what’s going on; however, from what I do know, Russia is in the wrong and just wants to be in control because they’re #Controlfreaks and I don’t like things they stand for and force upon their people and others,” says Indian Land High School student Faith Pitcock. 

Ukrainian students are now fleeing towards home, fearing the return to their universities in surrounded, damaged areas from the war. Some are not even able to return to school due to damage to their campus’.