Charlotte FC Puts Fanatics back into Fans

Julian Hidell, Cub Reporter

Charlotte FC has some of the most unique fans in the world. The supporters of this brand new football club waited 3 long years for their dream team to come alive. The team was announced in 2019 and was supposed to start the very next year in 2020 but unfortunately Covid-19 destroyed any hopes of the club kicking off that year. Instead the date of the inaugural season was set to February 26, 2022 (2 years later than the original date). Even though the arrival of the first game was 2 years late, the fans of Charlotte FC still crowded the stadium to the brim during the first home game vs LA Galaxy. 

The fans are the true heart and soul of the club and Charlotte’s fans are no different. They parade through the streets before every game and bring their most outgoing personalities with them. When they enter the stadium they create a whole different aura to match. The supporter section is a whole different level of fans. It is packed to the brim with waving flags, blue and white jerseys and blue flairs ablaze. At the beginning of home games you can even see a tifo being hung up in front of the supporter section. These tifos are large murals put up like projector screens that normally relate to the game that day. The amount of dedication these fans put into this team is colossal for a club that just started out 3 months ago. In football you always have to remember that the team is nothing without the fans.