Affecting the Young and Confusing the Old

Avery Hu, Cub Reporter

Diet culture has been around since even renaissance time. It has been there to remind what to and not to consume, and to remind why and why not. It holds a lot of people accountable for their health but how much is too much?

The way diets are pushed have an especially major impact on the upbringing of the new generations. How people react is how others around them pick things up and learn good from bad. This happens mainly through the different social media platforms.

Let’s pull  Tik Tok/Instagram Reels across first. Influencers and friends make videos for things like entertainment, recipes, fun facts, and music. It is a fun way to connect with the world. In the world of social media, this is the way people base their lives, and plan their grocery trips. They look at what other people are doing and base their actions. This takes a huge role in diet.

I think personally my favorite use of a culinary themed platform is when parents pack lunches for their kids. They´re hearty, reasonably portioned, and seem like a normal diet. However, some people decide to use their platform to insult and bring down those who may eat or look different by insulting the way they look or incorporating sarcasm to taunt their lifestyle which can be a large downfall in someone’s relationship with their food as this has become a raging issue these past few year’s especially with the development of the internet.

I mean have you ever considered that when posting content about food, people have a lot to think about? There are things now about adding trigger warnings for those with eating disorders, using proper language and when describing people to use neutral and kind words to  to try and make sure they don´t offend anybody. A lot goes into a single, silly 30 second video all because of diet culture. The social construct made up by our expectations.

I mean it’s also definitely important to realize boundaries when talking to someone about their body. You don’t mention anything they never asked your opinion about. Even when they do ask, tell them they look great. Being nice never hurts.

There are also ways so many ways you can either make you or somebody else feel so much better about their body if the standards get to you.

Some of those ways personally, would be to talk a walk in some comfy clothes or eat your favorite food. Everything’s okay in moderation and that’s what I think society doesn’t realize as they always label things as bad or good habits.

“I think that from a very young age I had ideas pushed onto me about how I should look or shouldn’t. Also from a young age I had people telling me things about my food and it’s stupid. I think if you’re healthy and alive then it doesn’t matter.”

Diets also play such a huge role in the way celebrities can promote and project themselves. One wrong move or one wrong word and then the whole world decides they need to be cancelled. It must be hard being famous. Aside from the money, it’s not always unicorns and rainbows.

Expectations; however,  are not always so bad. They are like the fundamental base of everything it seems. They encourage you, and push you to reach things you may not know you can do.