Met Gala Fail?

Valentina Bedoya, Cub Reporter

This year’s Met Gala was held on May 2, 2022. The Gala is known for being held on the first Monday in May; however, it was canceled in 2020 and postponed until September in 2021. 

The Met Gala is held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and celebrities go on the red carpet to celebrate the museum’s new exhibition. This year’s exhibition is “In America: An Anthology of Fashion”.  

Each year a new theme is given to the celebrities for their outfits. The theme is chosen by Anna Wintour and this year’s theme is Gilded Glamor, white tie. Celebrities were encouraged to dress in 19th century clothing with a twist on the modern side. 

The Gilded Age was the era between 1870-1900. Feathers, corsets, gold, over the top outfits were all a part of this time. 

“Ok so like half of the people didn’t follow the theme but some people did follow the theme, and their outfits were like actually good and the people who didn’t follow the theme their outfits sucked. Blake Lively’s’ was probably the best” says Isabelle Grimmer. 

Some of the night’s outfits were subpar to say the least but there were a few great looks. Kim Kardashian wore the exact dress Marylin Monroe wore when she sang President Kennedy Happy Birthday. Blake Lively had a dress transformation on the red carpet and she looked as stunning as ever. 

“They were all bad but they didn’t match the theme except for Blake Lively and a few other people,” says Keerthana Nair. 

Gigi Hadid wore a red catsuit paired with a giant red puffer jacket.  

“Gigi Hadid was amazing, I loved the coat, but then most of everyone else didn’t follow the theme” said student, Vina To. 

The Met Gala was underwhelming this year with a lack of on theme outfits. Hopefully next year the celebrities will be more open to following the theme. 

 I feel like nobody followed the theme and that’s messed up because it was a very pretty theme. It could have been very elegant and that one dude , I don’t remember who he was, he looked like a lionfish” says Faith Pitcock.

Next year’s Met Gala theme remains undecided.