Roe v Wade

Artie Mahase, Cub Reporter

Roe v Wade. A court case that started out as a lawsuit that would soon change the lives of people all over the United States of America. 

In 1969 Jane Roe had gotten pregnant and wished for an abortion; however, she lived in Texas where it was illegal to receive this type of medical procedure, so she went to the courts and fought.

Henry Wade refers to the district attorney of Dallas, he wanted to enforce the law prohibiting abortions, so Wade was the person Roe was filing a lawsuit against. 

While by the time the court had ruled in the favor of Jane stating that “an abortion is a constitutional right in the United States” in 1973, Jane had already had her baby and had no choice but to put it up for adoption. 

While this was ruled in 1973, this is one of the most controversial topics still today. 

As funny as it may seem, many people seem to have a problem with the idea of letting a woman have full control over her body and consider themselves pro-choice.

Many people who are against this and what Roe v Wade stands for all together claim that the right to having a choice in this matter may go against religion, beliefs, it “depends” and that it is just plain wrong. 

According to sources, anti-abortion movements have been said to be mostly fueled by Christian leaders using the argument that “life starts at conception” thus implying that it is a human from the start. 

Seems to me as complete nonsense, as a fetus really is not a person until a brain is developed and the fetus is conscious. 

People who plead they are pro-life until it “depends” on the circumstances really makes me angry. People define “depends” on if the pregnancy is by force or any other drastic situation no woman should really be put in. 

This argument is crazy as no woman should only be allowed to have full control of her body unless it is violated or on the verge of life or death. A woman deserves a choice no matter what, having this choice is a human right

As it is 2022 people have learned more and opened up to the idea that abortions are a human right and it shouldn’t depend on the circumstances to let a woman have full control of what she wants to do with her own body. 

As of five days ago there was a leak that the case Roe v Wade may be overturned in all. 

This is truly ridiculous not only to me, but millions around the United States. 

To get different perspectives from young people like me, I interviewed a few students from my high school. 

“This is terrible” “It’s unfair” Lexi Richardson said.

“It’s your body and your choice, not anyone else’s,” Kent Hampton answered. 

The idea that we may now live in a world that criminalizes abortions is scary. 

We all know that even if we now criminalize abortions, it won’t stop them, it will just make them much more unsafe. This would be another problem as abortions are medical procedures that should only be facilitated by a professional. 

The over turning of Roe v Wade is more than just abortion. 

Say if a woman has a miscarriage, they would be investigated as criminals that have broken the law.

And woman who try to have full control over their body and try to get an abortion will be tried and treated like a criminal, and if they are convicted they are felons. Felons can’t vote. 

This overturning is giving women such little power. 

If Roe v Wade is overturned, it will truly be a war against women.