Malik Willis Vs. Kenny Pickett

Malik Willis Vs. Kenny Pickett

Jude Jackson, Cub Reporter

The NFL’s combine in Indianapolis has finished for the quarterback position. With two big names such as Malik Willis from Liberty and Kenny Pickett from Pittsburgh.

With quarterback-needy teams in this draft, I will break down these prospects and explain their strengths and weaknesses. 

Malik Wills out of Liberty is incredibly fast, his arm talent, and his throwing mechanics. However, Wills hasn’t faced the biggest competition at Liberty, and he can struggle to get his passing game going from time to time.

With Kenny Pickett being the projected top quarterback for most of this year, is now being challenged by Malik Willis. An important Kenny Pickett storyline is the fact that he has small hands, however, Pickett is listed as a very accurate quarterback who has a very calm presence in the pocket.

Draft analysts and betting companies are projecting that Liberty’s Malik Willis will be drafted over Pitt’s Kenny Pickett.

With quarterback-needy teams picking high up the board such as the Panthers at 7, Seahawks at 9, and possibly the Saints, and the Lions on the latter half of the draft it will be very interesting to see what happens on draft nights. 

Kenny Pickett is the best prospect as of now, Malik Willis’s upside is a lot more bright.