The Future of FC

Julian Hidell, Cub Reporter

Players are arguably the most important members of a football club besides fans. The athletes of Charlotte FC are a talented bunch and deserve more recognition. These are world class players that perform at their best at each game. The supporters instantly fell in love with the starting eleven and began to cherish the bench as well. Some notable names that came onto the pitch for this club were people like Christian Fuchs who was a former champion of the premier league with Leichster in the 2015/2016 season. He’s a sensational defender who brings experience and skill to a very young team. Another familiar face is Karol Swiderski who is Charlotte’s top scorer this season with 4 goals. He brought hope to the team that this season was not going to be a complete flop and that instead we actually have the chance to make the playoffs.

With so many young players in the squad it feels as though there’s going to be a hopeful future for the club. Players like Jaylin Lindsey, Ben Bender and Kamil Jóźwiak all have the skill to be a promising player for the future. Many fans are hopeful that these players will stay and make Charlotte FC a force to be reckoned with throughout MLS history.