Se7en Review

Julian Hidell, Cub Reporter


Se7en is a dark and gritty crime/ horror mystery that is loosely set in New York. The movie looks through the perspective of two detectives that investigate a string of murders relating to the seven deadly sins, hence the name Se7en. The film begins with a disturbing murder being investigated by our two main characters, David Mills played by Brad Pitt and retiring detective William Somerset played by Morgan Freeman. After the first murder which is related to gluttony, more follow all relating to the deadly sins: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth. The story goes through a spiral of gruesome murders from one man who they have no leads on. The character there after always seems to get away and leave no trace of himself in any of his crime scenes. The detective chase leads all over a New York like city (although it is not confirmed to be the setting) and constantly come up short. They have no hope in the case until they come across a rumor that the killer has an apartment in the city. David and William head to the apartment but before they reach the door they see a dark figure in the hall and have that instinctual feeling that he is the person they are looking for. The figure brings out a gun and fires at them, no shots land and they chase the suspect through the apartment building. The figure gets away but leaves them an enormous clue, his apartment. The rest of the picture starts to unfold as you get deeper into the movie but I will let you, the reader, find the chilling and suspenseful ending of Se7en. 

This motion picture is the ideal horror mystery that leaves you on the edge of your seat the entire two hours and se7en minutes. The constant darkness that swallows the city is what makes this movie so chilling. The grotesque killings kept me enticed to witness what was around the corner. This was one of the only movies that disturbed me and kept me thinking about a certain scene in the movie that wasn’t even shown, it was instead talked about and hinted to what had happened. This film will leave you in complete astonishment especially after the extremely perplexing ending.

If you feel the need to solve a baffling crime in your own head, this picture is for you. It leaves so many conclusions to be answered by the viewer himself. Watching this movie on a dark and stormy night is the only real way to witness this masterpiece. The darkness of the film absorbs everything throughout the story including you the viewer. Se7en is possibly the best crime movie there has ever been and I hope you the reader will find our opinions in agreement.