Christmas Traditions

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There are many Christmas traditions that developed over time. Some traditions go back at least a century. Many include Candles, Christmas Carols, Mistletoe, Candy Canes, Christmas Desserts, Presents, Poinsettias, etc. There are many questions that come around when you think of Christmas including why people put up mistletoe. Or Why people say Merry Christmas instead of Merry Christmas.

Christmas is on the 25th of December because Christians believe the birth of Jesus Christ took place on December 25th even though the real birth of Jesus is not known. The first recorded date of Christmas was 336 during the throne of Roman Empire Constantine. He was the first Roman Emperor who was a Christian. You are probably wondering what this has to do with presents. One reasons people give presents or receive presents because it reminds Christians when presents were given to Jesus by the wise men. Many people who celebrate Christmas now are not Christians so now Christmas is a time where you spend time with your family and exchange presents.

Mistletoe is a plant that grows on willow, apple, and oak trees. It is believed to have mystical powers. The powers include bringing good luck to the household. It also includes getting rid or warding off evil spirits. Sometimes it is used as a sign of love and friendship in mythology. That is why whenever two people go under a mistletoe they must kiss. Fun Fact, when Christian first came to Western Europe people tried to ban mistletoe as a decoration but they failed.2

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Christmas Traditions