Indian Land Takes Home the Win…Twice

Austin Fesperman

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Left-Indian Land v AJ Rt. Indian Land v Buford

Jacob McCord
Left-Indian Land v AJ
Rt. Indian Land v Buford

Friday, Oct 23rd was the homecoming game against Buford. Indian Land managed to obtain the first touchdown which secured their victorious position by the end of the game.

The match consisted of both teams putting up constant effort and the game remained respectful until the very end. The final score was 48, Indian land, to 21, Buford.

Friday, October 30th was the final home game of the year, and Indian Land’s opponent this time was Andrew Jackson.

Indian land was losing in the first quarter and in the beginning of the second quarter. Then, Austin Gordon got an interception, ran into the end zone for a touchdown. Indian Land started a comeback after this and the game eventually began to turn tides.

Indian Land attempted to provide a balance both offensive and defensive plays in the match. AJ focused mainly on defense, however, remaining not too focused on offense. Their quarterback and wide receivers were ending their plays with incomplete passes. Whenever AJ ran the ball, half the time Indian Land managed to stop them. When AJ ran around twenty yards or more, however, Indian Land did not stop them as often. In the end, the score was 48 for Indian land to 27 for Andrew Jackson, bringing another victory for Indian Land.

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Indian Land Takes Home the Win…Twice