New renovations for Bank of America Stadium

In March of 2021 there will be renovations to the Charlotte Bank of America Stadium.


Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte.

Juliette Gaspary and Gracie King

In March of 2021 the Charlotte Football Club is planning to add suites for players and staff in the east end of the Charlotte Bank of America Stadium and making it more soccer friendly. 

The Charlotte MLS franchise is locating their headquarters and practice facilities to this stadium. “I think we could fill this stadium with soccer fans, football fans, and every other kind of fan.” Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles recently said. 

The project was estimated to cost $110 million dollars. Some people are opposed to this new renovation because of the cost. 

To complete this project taxes are going to be raised and not everyone is happy about that. “They would take money from existing tourism tax revenue…I’m sure as with most of these things there will be some debate.” Eric Spanberg said. 

Other people have nothing good to say about this project. “If we’re lucky enough in the city to get MLS in our own backyard, and the deal is right, I think that we’re going to see a really positive impact from it,” said Charlotte city council member Tariq Bokhari. 

They’re going to start renovations this month, and it’s planned for Charlotte FC to play in March 2022. Charlotte FC plans to be the 28th MLS team. 

The Panthers play in the Bank of America stadium. David Tepper owns the NFL and MLS that play at the Bank of America Stadium. David Tepper is the owner of Carolina Panthers and his net worth is 13 billion dollars. He believes that the new renovations to the Bank of America Stadium will have a large positive economic impact. “Forget about it…Knock their socks off economically.” said Tepper.