Game 5: Philadelphia 76ers v Miami Heat


Artie Mahase, Cub Reporter

The Philadelphia 76ers await their upcoming game against the Miami Heat.

Tuesday, May 10 Philadelphia will be playing against Miami in Game 5 of the Conference Semifinals at the FTX Arena at 7:30 pm.

With Joel Embiid’s comeback in Game 3, the second round matchup between the Miami Heat and the Philadelphia 76ers has become a lot more fascinating.

Many are concerned about this game as some players have been injured in previous games. 

Miami’s Kyle Lowry, a six-time NBA All-Star, was hurt in Game 3 of their first-round series against the Atlanta Hawks and did not return until Game 3 of their second-round series against the 76ers.

“I’m still going to always try to be here for my team,” Lowry says.

Fans have much faith for Miami to bring home a win, many say Jimmy Butler’s performance will help them with this. 

“Butler’s first-half performance was solid, but his second-half performance was on another level.” 

While some say this, others are predicting that Philadelphia will be able to pull through winning this fifth game. 

But there is lots of pressure being brought upon James Harden, player number one to carry the 76ers, while some are doubting his ability to step up for the team. 

“That guy can make passes that few players in the league even think to make,” some reporters have said. 

People are even praising his ability to work with his teammates. 

“When he was on the floor with Joel Embiid during the stretch run of the second quarter,  Philadelphia looked as good as they have at any point in this series” reporters stated. 

If Butler can keep up this pace, the Heat’s performances will mean a lot more if their role guys can make decent shots.

The Heat aren’t holding back as they are always looking for new players to recruit. 

Caleb Martin, undrafted, has now found his way back into the NBA, as the Philadelphia 76ers are intrigued to draft. 

This game will be live streamed and available to be watched by viewers all around.