Looking back in 2010 the Carolina Panthers had the worst record in the league, 2-14. In 2011 they finished with a 6-10 record and Cam Newton was awarded AP Offensive Rookie of the Year, setting the NFL record for most rushing touchdowns from a quarterback. Fast-forward to 2015 the panthers are undefeated, in essence they are perfect with a 9-0 record. For the Carolinas this has been unfamiliar territory the fans are not use to having a winning record, nonetheless a perfect record. With each game the stakes get higher and higher. "I am not a panthers fan, but I do respect them as a team. Their defense is a force to be reckoned with and a quarterback that isn't afraid to run are the main reasons why they are playing the way they are," says an ILHS senior. This week the Carolina Panthers will be playing the Redskins at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte at one o'clock. The redskins have a 4-5 record and have lost to the Patriots, Jets, Falcons, Giants and Dolphins. Hopefully we can add one more to the list of teams they have lost to.[caption id="attachment_6323" align="alignnone" width="300"]Cam Newton celebrating with teammate. Cam Newton celebrating with teammate. [/caption]

Lori Auten, journalist