Warrior Drumbeat

Brianna Galarza

Brianna Galarza, Reporter

My name is Brianna Galarza, I am a cub reporter and it is my 1st year working on the current news of the Warrior Drumbeat at Indian Land High School. The reason why I like my job is because I enjoy finding out the truth about anything and reporting it or just reading anything that can cause an effect on things. Some things to know about me is that my favorite book is The Cabin by Natasha Presto and my favorite movie is The Conjuring. I also speak another language like Spanish, which is a bit hard because it was initially my first language so I used to  get words mixed up and when I spoke to people I truly did not  say what I meant but eventually I got the hang of it.  I look forward to working on more stories and finding out the truth about other things.


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