A Possible Fishing Club

Tyler Johnson

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There is a possibility of having a fishing club in the future at ILHS. Two students that will remain anonymous said that they thought that having a fishing club is a good idea and that they would participate in fishing tournaments with their own transportation. Another student at our school, Austin Fesperman, said that he would love to have a fishing club at the school and would not mind having to drive to go fishing. Col. Woods even said that he would be okay with having a fishing club as well. When interviewed, Assistant Principal Mr.Sweem responded with positive feedback to the idea. He believes that having a fishing club is a great idea, but we would need sponsors and we would have to spend a little cash to participate in tournaments. On top of these requirements, we would need a high-interest level in the club as well.

After hearing from all these people, it appears that not many have a problem about forming a fishing club at the school. There is a chance that we could have a fishing club in this school in the near future, but only time will tell if the proper requirements are met to permit the startup of another extracurricular activity.

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A Possible Fishing Club