Upcoming Academic Challenge Season

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      Come one, come all trivia masters! The academic challenge season will be here soon enough. An interest meeting will be held Sep 22nd in Mr. Hodge’s room for individuals desiring to join. For all freshman, the coaches took recommendations from eighth-grade teachers. They plan on recruiting as many people as they can but will have to choose the best to join, as only five individuals per can compete at a time during competitions. Many opportunities will be given to prove worthiness for the team, for there will be eight or more games, finalized by a tournament. It does not even necessarily end there either; whoever wins regional goes to State. Last season the academic challenge team was able to go regional, but missed the opportunity to go to state by a small margin. Mrs. Johnson said she doesn’t plan on losing again this season.


       “Ya gotta be good at trivia if you want to compete” are the words taken straight from Mrs. Johnson, one of the academic challenge coaches. During an interview with her, she talked about how some of the questions seen at competitions are not a part of the standards seen in everyday school. She said that getting good at trivia will come with hitting the textbooks and the web on personal time for students, especially for the new recruits that plan on showing their trivia talents.


This year the Mr. Hodge and Mrs. Johnson plan on forming a travel team. This team will travel to places like Clemson and USC. They will also travel to other competitions such as the Quizbowl. Although the Quizbowl doesn’t use the same set of rules as the other academic challenge competitions, it will still give students an opportunity to show off warrior spirit.



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Upcoming Academic Challenge Season