Cutting Down Your Spending in College

Lori Auten, Journalist

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In most public colleges and universities, 90% of incoming freshman apply for financial aid. Paying for schooling beyond high school has become an arduous task for many families. To help prevent this, I have put together several tips to help students and family to save a little extra money.
Tip 1: Buy or rent your textbooks. When you are done, sell them.
Tip 2: Make a Budget to see where you spend most of your money and see if its really getting spent on the right things.
Tip 3: Research student discounts. Items can range from discounted movie tickets to discounted computers.
Tip 4: Find out if your college has a transportation system. If they do, there is no need to pay for a parking pass or gas in your car.
Tip 5: Try to find a job on campus or near it. This will help you have some extra cash and will help you meet new people.

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Cutting Down Your Spending in College